Meet the Team

Owner: Linda Studer

Most of you probably don’t need an introduction to Linda, but for those of you who haven’t had the pleasure of meeting her, Linda has a cheerful demeanor & meet no stranger attitude that will leave you feeling like you’ve just chatted with your new best friend. Linda is a Missouri native originally from the St. Louis area and now resides on her farm in Shelbina. Linda says hands down the customers, the people & the tourists are her favorite thing about working at the store which is a large part of what drives her. “ I want to do a good job, so when people leave they feel like they’ve had a really great experience.” The store is naturally a large part of her life; when she’s not using her time off to go traveling and camping she enjoys sitting on her porch with her friends and family enjoying company, food & drinks.

With the large amount of products that Mississippi Marketplace carries Linda had trouble when asked what her favorite food product at the store is. “That’s tough and it changes with the week. This week it’s the key lime dip because it’s light, fruity & slightly sweet. It’s also really versatile, you can make it into a cheeseball, dip mix or pie. Most importantly it tastes great and it’s so easy.” When Linda is looking for something more savory she goes down the street to Java Jive. The quiche at Java Jive is her absolute favorite thing they create there. When pressed on why she dreamily said, “the crust is baked to perfection & it’s so good it doesn’t matter which one you get because they’re all delicious.” The tone she had left me thinking I should head to Java Jive soon and try this crust out for myself.

2021 has Linda looking forward to the return of festivals and events downtown again this year. “I love the energy that is in the downtown area; the great vibes you get when you walk down Main street.” Along with the great vibes, Linda let us in on what she thinks is a hidden gem in town-the Riverfront Park. If you haven’t been down there to see it yet, springtime is a great time to go. Don’t let the rain scare any of you away this season, we look forward to seeing all of you when you can make it in.



Sales Associate: Kat Thomure

Kat is no exception to the great team we have at our store. She keeps customers happy & at ease and uses her creative side to create displays. Kat loves being downtown and working in a local store. “I think it’s important to support local businesses and it’s fun.” For fun outside of work Kat likes to spend time with her son enjoying several outdoor activities. “We live out in the country. We play in the creek, go fishing, gardening; I just like being outside.” Being outside & enjoying the sun are on the top of Kat’s things to do, during the summer she enjoys going to the pool in Hannibal and during the winter Kat replied “I hate winter.” Kat’s sense of humor is definitely a great quality of hers. 

This year Kat is looking forward to having festivals back downtown & getting her favorite sweet treats from the shop next door. Java Jive is a favorite for many amongst our staff. Kat loves their iced cappuccinos & Pistachio cream pie. (But who doesn’t like pie?!) Kat also enjoys the Country Home BLT dip from our store & Onion Dill Beer Bread. “They’re super easy, it makes a lot and they’re great for get-togethers.” 

One of Kat’s favorite quotes is “Be the change you wish to see in the world.” When you’re downtown next, be sure to go grab some great food, swing by and check out Kat’s favorite dips and make good changes in the world because no act of kindness is ever wasted.