Tomato Keeper


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Eliminate the waste of spoiled, unused food as well as the disposable plastic baggies they’re stored in. These reusable Fruit and Vegetable Keepers are the smart way to get the most out of your produce. Store half-cut and diced tomatoes and onions, as well as half-cut and sliced limes and lemons. You’ll enjoy fresher produce, for a longer time, without the waste and added expense. Dishwasher safe; Progressive International’s Fruit and Vegetable Keepers help you cut back on wasted produce and save money by keeping expensive produce fresher, longer. Innovative, reusable designs offer optimal conditions for maximum freshness of cut, sliced and diced produce – without the waste of disposable plastic baggies. Tomato Keeper and Onion Keeper hold half-cut portions; turn them upside down to store diced pieces. Onion Keeper also keeps strong odors from filling your fridge. Reusable Tomato and Onion keepers stack for organized, space-saving fridge storage. Citrus Keeper stores half-cut lemon and limes and up to 8 sliced wedges for convenient and easy portioning – keeps citrus from drying out and going to waste. Easy, affordable, baggie-free storage. Dishwasher safe.