Loaded Baked Potato Soup Mix – What’s cookin’


Easy, quick & creamy don’t forget to add that bacon on top for the perfect bowl of soup.


There’s nothing quite like potatoes and bacon to fill you up and make you feel cozy on a chilly day. This Loaded Baked Potato soup will do just that. This creamy, hearty soup will chase away the chill and leave a smile on your face.
Yields 8 servings per package


What You Will Need: 4 Large baking potatoes + 3 cups milk + 10 cups water + 1 stick of butter + 2 cups grated cheddar cheese + bacon to garnish + this package.

Ingredients: potato flakes, flour, chopped onion, chicken bouillon, chopped chives, parsley, salt, & black pepper. Contains wheat and soy products.