Loaded Baked Potato Soup Mix – What’s cookin’


Easy, quick & creamy don’t forget to add that bacon on top for the perfect bowl of soup.

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There’s nothing quite like potatoes and bacon to fill you up and make you feel cozy on a chilly day. This Loaded Baked Potato soup will do just that. This creamy, hearty soup will chase away the chill and leave a smile on your face.
Yields 8 servings per package


What You Will Need: 4 Large baking potatoes + 3 cups milk + 10 cups water + 1 stick of butter + 2 cups grated cheddar cheese + bacon to garnish + this package.

Ingredients: potato flakes, flour, chopped onion, chicken bouillon, chopped chives, parsley, salt, & black pepper. Contains wheat and soy products.

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