Halloween Countdown

31 Tips, Tricks & Treats

Here at Mississippi Marketplace we’re all about you doing you. Whether you want quick easy meals, fun healthy foods, or something to challenge your kitchen cuisine we hope we’ll be able to help you on your journey. We’ve created a fun countdown to Halloween and help us kick off our new online store and bring to you some great Fall ideas & inspiration. We’ll be posting daily on Facebook and here on our website, so make sure to check back often to see what we’ve whipped up.
If you find yourself in historic Hannibal come see as at our home on Main street to see our full array of products! If you’re somewhere else reading this, you’ve already found our website and hopefully are making use of our tips and tricks this season.

DAY 1 Treat Yourself

October 1st has arrived with a gust of aromatic cheer, bringing with it National Pumpkin Spice day! While we love our pumpkin spice lattes and cappuccinos, we hate sitting in the drive through line. This fall season cut out the wait by fulfilling that pumpkin spice need anytime, anywhere. Our Pumpkin Spice Cappuccino mix is easy & quick to make; just add water or milk!

Day 2 – Get tricky with those pumpkin seeds

Planning on carving pumpkins this season? Save those seeds for a healthy snack to keep on hand throughout the fall season. No time for that? Trick your family into thinking you made them yourself by ordering them already roasted and salted from our store! For a simple roasting recipe click here https://www.tasteofhome.com/recipes/roasted-pumpkin-seeds/

DAY 3 – Tips for Caving pumpkins

Good Morning all you friends & fans. Tis the season for all the Fall things, and what better way to spend part of your weekend then carving some pumpkins?! Keep reading to find out our favorite pumpkin carving TIPS this season
1) Cut your pumpkin from the bottom instead of the top- helping to preserve the pumpkin shape and not have those wonky lids. It also makes it easier to place a candle inside this way!
2)Sprinkle cinnamon or pumpkin pie spice on the lid or top of the pumpkin (inside) so when you light your candle it smells extra delicious!
3.) Use dry erase markers to sketch out a design- if you don’t like it just erase it off and do something else.
Don’t forget to have fun and have snacks while you’re carving! For more carving tips check out https://www.theactivetimes.com/home/pumpkin-carving-tips-ideas-jack-o-lantern-hallowee/slide-9

DAY 4 – Our best Taco Tips

 It’s Nacho Average Sunday night y’all. It’s National taco day! In honor of national Taco day, we thought we’d post our favorite taco tips. We know you are all taco pros, but even professionals can use an extra trick up their sleeve. Enjoy!
-Hard shell taco always falling over, pick up these taco proppers from our store to keep them held up so you can fill without the fuss.
-Out of hard shells but craving the crunch? Put your softshell tacos in the oven over the rack for 3-5 mins at 325 to create a flat bottomed hard shell.
-Really want a taco shell bowl, but no time to run to the store? No problem. Flip a muffin tin upside down and put tortilla shells in the crevices. Bake at 375 for 10-15 mins.

Really want a taco propper? US TOO! Check out our taco holders below, at 1.39$ a piece you can get proppers for the whole family, for ALL the tacos.  

Day 5 – Treat yourself to a Fall favorite


Looking for a cute, quick fall treat? Wait no more, out with the cute mini marshmallows and in with the most adorable Micro marshmallows. Great for hot cocoa,the perfect bite of fruit salad or this delicious rice krispie recipe (our friend swears it’s the best, but we’ll leave that up to you.) Make these rice krispie treats extra seasonal by cutting out spooky fall shapes. Our 4 pack of krisipe/cookie cutters includes an owl, witch, bat & pumpkin for all your fall baking creations.  https://cookiesandcups.com/perfect-rice-krispie-treat-recipe/

Day  6 – Tips to picking the perfect apple

Thinking about the perfect Fall caramel apples? Or what about an apple pie? Never sure which apple type to choose when heading into these projects? Us either! The great people at justapinch.com put together this graphic of TIPS to help you decide which apple you need this season.
For caramel apples Granny Smiths are the most popular choice , but we wanted to try out Galas instead. Stay tuned to see how they turn out!

Day 7 – Treat your creative side, and your company, with funky caramel apple toppings

We’re not here to stand in your creative way today! Treat your creative side, and your company by bringing on all the funky and fun Caramel apple toppings. For a rainbow or unicorn apple try the milk chocolate sunflower seeds (all the colors of the rainbow) or roll your caramel apple in candy corn for a sweet fall treat! Check out all the candy on our website for an array of fun topping.

 DAY 8 Tips for types of popcorn

Time for a TIPsy Thursday! Did you know there are two basic types of popcorn? The butterfly and the mushroom. The butterfly is pretty common. .It’s best eaten fresh and is your “movie type” popcorn. However the mushroom kernel is rounder & holds toppings better. It’s less fragile & a better option for any type of coating you’re wanting to do. If you’re looking forward to making caramel popcorn balls this season the mushroom popcorn is the type you’ll want!

Day 9- Well count this day of the countdown out

We promise we’ll make up for it with a sepcial treat later! You’ll have to forgive us as this mother daughter team spent hours driving to meet up with each other and be inspired for the next steps we’re bringing to our fans, friends & family at Mississippi Marketplace!


Day 10 – Treat your senses with this delicious Fall Caramel Apple Butter

Are you looking for something to “season” your breakfast? Look no further, treat yourself to caramel apple butter created locally in Bowling Green. Add it to biscuits, pancakes or eat it with a spoon -eat your breakfast your way with a little bit of fall season from us.

Day 11 – TREATs for you, Giveaway day!

Did you miss us? We’re sorry we skipped a few days, but we were driving off to be inspired and be together! We can’t wait to show you what exciting things we have coming next. But we thought we’d entice you to forgive us and have some fun today. We’re doing a giveaway to celebrate! We’re giving away a package of What’s Cookin’s Easy meals Gumbo soup mix. Enter to win by liking this post & liking our page. For an extra entry share this post on your facebook wall! You’ve got until 11:59pm tomorrow, Tuesday 10/13 to enter! We’ve got more treats coming your way so stay tuned 🙂
Image may contain: text that says 'It's GIVEAWAY TIME! Like our Facebook page & like this post for a chance to win! *** GOD BLESS MERICA Orders of 30$ or more receive FREE SHIPPING on our websitel MISSISSIPPI MARKETPLACE Www.mstspi-.marketplace.com'

Day 12 National Gumbo Day

One of the best things about Fall is craving all those warm hearty soups that warm you straight to your toes. Which is exactly what you’ll get with these two gumbo mixes, a fantastic Missouri made mix from Thompson farms & a great mix from our friends in Arkansas What’s cookin’! So make it a treat and keep it easy to celebrate national gumbo day today with these two soup mixes.
Image may contain: food, text that says 'It's National Gumbo day Treat yourself night of relaving with one ofthese delicieus southern souy mixes MISSISSIPPI MARKETPLACE'

Day 13 – Tricks to making a good pie crust

There’s a trick to getting the perfect crust, and one of those is using a pie crust protecter to keep your crusts from burning! Mrs. Anderson’s Pie Crust Shield prevents pie crusts from burning and over browning. No more burnt edges. It allows pies to rise in the center and reduces spillage from the edges. 
Image may contain: food, text that says 'Lrick Tramtond MISSISSIPPI MARKETPLACE The trick to the best pie crusts is to not overwork your dough & to use a pie crust protector to protect against burning'

Day 14- Treats because its National Dessert Day!

Today you get to have your cake and eat it too! Happy National Dessert Day! Create a special treat & a special memory with your family by creating these “pumpkin patch” dessert cups. They’re yummy & fun for everyone, not just kids! Find gummies to fill your patch at our store in person or online at www.mississippi-marketplace.com For the recipe click here https://www.shared.com/your-kids-will-love-these-pumpkin…/
Image may contain: food

Day 15 – Tips for creating a charcuterie board

It’s TIPsy Thursday, and do we have a few happy surprising tips for you! It’s National Red Wine Day! Go ahead and pour a glass and kick back to read our favorite tips for putting together a fun, creative charcuterie board. 1) Before serving spritz your fruit with water (wet fruit is naturally more appealing) 2) Put pear and apple slices in lemon water to create a shield from browning 3) Create texture on your board by adding sauces, like honey and jams. And don’t forget the crunch with roasted pumpkin seeds or edamame. 4) Put your gluten free items on a separate board and mark them for guests so they know they have options too! Boards are made to be fun, so don’t forget to add your favorite seasonal candies, fresh fruit, bread & jams to your board. Or forego all the savory food altogether and create your board entirely out of candy! O
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